Tour Operators Customers Registration Form

Welcome to Pre-registration

For the use of customers who have booked through a tour operator.

Completion of this form will :

- Speed up the rental transaction process at Europcar locations

- Explain the benefits of additional cover

- Offer you the opportunity to request additional equipment (not previously selected)

Please make sure you complete all the fields marked with an *

If you do not already have a Europcar Driver I.D number please follow the instructions below.

If you are a Thomson Customer (excluding Thomson Villas with Pools) please can you use the Standard Terms page. For all other companies please select the country you are travelling to, if it is not show please use Standard terms.

To pre-register you need a Europcar identification number (I.D). To create one please follow the instructions on screen or click here


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Terms and Conditions

You will be required to sign a rental agreement when collecting the vehicle, whereupon your driving license, car rental voucher, and credit card will all need to be shown. A swipe of the credit card will be taken to cover the excess, tank of petrol, and any addtional charges incurred.